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How To Use A Deep Fryer

In this health-conscious day and age, frying foods is not as popular as it used to be. This does not make good fried foods any less delicious or common for many people to enjoy from time to time. The best way to fry foods efficiently and safely is to use a deep fryer. There are both professional versions and home models of deep fryers. Home models can be countertop versions that sit next to the crock pot and coffee maker or they can be built into the stove or counter top.

Deep fryers are made up of a large tank that attaches to a propane burner to heat up and a basket that holds the food to be submerged into the hot oil. It is important to remember that the hot oil will splatter and can cause serious burns; the amount of care needed to use a deep fryer cannot be stressed enough. The oil in deep fryers is often heated to temperatures that range from 280 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Take care to ensure the deep fryer is situated on a flat surface that will not move.

When deep frying foods, be sure the temperature is set correctly in order to properly cook the food items. Even delicious foods such as fried chicken are not good if they are cooked at too low or too high of a temperature. If the oil is not hot enough at first, the food will absorb too much oil while it waits for the oil to get hot enough to form the crispy crust that seals out the oil. If the oil is too hot, the crust will crisp up too fast and burn, while the food inside remains raw or not cooked well enough.

Deep fryers can be used to fry up just about any food you can imagine. From French fries and onion rings to chicken and even Twinkies, people have been enjoying and experimenting with deep frying foods for a long time. While foods that are deep fried do absorb a lot of the oil therefore making them high fat and not a healthy choice, indulging in favorite fried foods from time to time as a treat is likely not harmful for most people of normal health. Home versions of deep fryers can be countertop versions or they might be the propane burner versions that are meant for outside use.